Group Coaching


Run your strongest race at the 2023 Chicago Marathon! Group Coaching is for runners looking to stand on the starting line feeling their strongest, healthiest, and ready to run their best executed race. This supportive environment is for all runners, no matter your speed or running experience. Get ready to take a deep dive into marathon training while learning, progressing, and getting stronger along the way.


  • 16 weeks of group run and strength training for the 2023 Chicago Marathon
  • Choice of beginner, intermediate, and advanced training plans based on your unique running experience
  • 5 live, 60-minute team calls with presentations and Q&A, plus access to recordings
  • Strength training specific to the Chicago Marathon course written by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Holly Richard
  • Registered Dietitian, Meghann Featherstun, to speak about fueling pre, during, and post-long runs
  • Monthly “Office Hours” to check in with coaches and ask questions
  • Pre Race call diving into race day strategies and logistics
  • Group meetup and shakeout run in Chicago
  • Support and accountability, no matter your Chicago goal!
  • Bonus team call after the race to celebrate together and share experiences


Monday, June 19th – Sunday, October 8th

Team calls are on one Tuesday each month from 8-9pm EST; Office Hours are also on one Tuesday each month from 8-9pm EST. All calls will be recorded.


4 months @ $89/month

Meet the Coaches:

Holly Richard is a physical therapist and the owner of Stronger Runners, a runner-specific strength training program. She is a 24x marathoner and has a PR of 3:07.

Blake Landry is a lifetime athlete and running coach of all distances. He believes in training smarter, not harder and will always talk running because he continually learns and adapts to the data and science.

A woman wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, black shorts, and white sunglasses is approaching the finish line of a marathon. She is running and smiling.

Elizabeth Jansen Amell is the founder of Strongest Self and a 17x marathoner. She loves both trail and road running, and believes if people are running happy and healthy, they are likely running their best!

Guest Speaker:

Meghann Featherstun, MS, RD, CSSD

Meghann is a sports dietitian who has worked with thousands of runners to fuel their biggest, baddest running goals. As a 3:58 to 2:50 marathoner, Meghann knows how much hard work, daily nutrition and performance nutrition can benefit our running. Meghann works with runners through 1-on-1 coaching, group nutrition classes, customized plans, and one-time consultations. 

Let’s crush the Chicago Marathon together!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You can communicate with coaches during our monthly team calls as well as our monthly Office Hours. Additionally, you can communicate with your teammates through our Chicago Discord group. Share a training win, something you’re proud of and support others – this is a space for you to get to know your teammates and cheer each other on.

Missing a run happens! If you have questions about changing around your training runs due to scheduling conflicts outside of running, please join Office Hours and ask then.

The strength workouts are meant to be done at home with minimal equipment. You’ll need resistance bands and a set of lighter and heavier dumbbells. If you need help purchasing bands or dumbbells, please reach out to Holly ([email protected]).

If 1-on-1 coaching interests you, we would love to help you with both running and strength training! Reach out to Elizabeth ([email protected]) to inquire.