My 2020 Fall Bucket List


I have never made a fall bucket list and figured this was a great year to start. With events and travels limited due to Covid, this is the perfect time to celebrate fall as best you can while being safe and taking advantage of what you CAN do, not thinking about all the things you can’t do.

Feel free to use my bucket list for yourself and share with me on Instagram or in the comments below what you’ve done and what you’re planning to do next. I’ll have this shared on IG so you can also save it to your phone 🙂

Since creating this list, I’ve already checked off:

2. Drink pumpkin cider, 5. Decorate with fall decor, and 9. Walk and drive (and kayak!) to admire fall foliage. Even though I’ve already checked these off though doesn’t mean I won’t continue to do them 🙂

Let me know in the comments what fall things you’ve done or if you have any ideas that aren’t on this list!

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