Run Coaching

1:1 Personal Coaching

Services you will receive:

  • Unlimited coaching and support from Elizabeth
  • Customized training schedule through Final Surge with specific distances, paces and heart rate ranges calculated to athlete’s individuality
  • Launch video call to review training goals and future training
  • Ongoing communication through email, text, scheduled video chat, and Final Surge
  • Unlimited plan adjustments and feedback on training runs
  • Monthly check-in video or phone call (athlete initiated)
  • Guidance on runner-specific strength training
  • Detailed race plan with pre-race phone or video call

6-Month (minimum)






Custom Training Plan

Fully customized training plan for up to 6 months. This includes distances, workouts, paces, and heart rate ranges customized to YOU! When the plan is finalized, we will video chat to review it and so I can answer any questions. There is no further communication after the video chat.


1-6 months



Athlete Testimonials

Hear from some Strongest Self athletes about what they love about the team!

“Training with Elizabeth has helped me become a stronger athlete, both physically and mentally. She takes special and specific care of each athlete, ensuring that my training plan is not only tailored to my goals but also the needs of my life outside of running. Her ‘anything is possible with some hard work’ attitude, has helped me crush my running goals and improve my relationship with myself. Her individual coaching and running plans are my new favorite thing to recommend to friends and coworkers. Everyone should get a chance to train with Elizabeth!” – Helena

“When I was starting to think about running a second marathon, I knew I was going to need a coach. After following Elizabeth on Instagram, I quickly could see how honest and dedicated she was. I knew I needed to work with her. Right away, Elizabeth began putting together a plan that would help me meet my goals. She knew exactly how to push me out of my comfort zone and keep me accountable. Elizabeth keeps the lines of communication open and offers helpful feedback while also celebrating the small milestones throughout training. As a coach, she is responsive to the needs of her athletes and would adjust my plan to ensure that I was always progressing. Because of Elizabeth, I became a more confident runner and I got a 15 minute PR!” – Anna

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