Strongest Self, LLC Run Coaching

1-On-1 Personal Coaching

Ongoing customized training written specifically for your goals with communication and support, access to the private Strongest Self team forum, and more.

Services you will receive:

  • Unlimited coaching and support.
  • Customized training schedule through Final Surge with specific distances, effort ranges, and paces.
  • ‘Launch’ video call to meet, review goals and training, and have any questions answered.
  • Ongoing communication through email, text, scheduled video and phone calls, and Final Surge.
  • Unlimited plan adjustments and feedback on training runs.
  • Monthly check-in video or phone call (athlete initiated, 30 minutes).
  • Access to private team forum to easily connect with coaches and teammates.
  • Running Warehouse discount code unique to Strongest Self.
  • Detailed race plan with 30-minute pre-race phone or video call.



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Coaching Philosophy

There’s no doubt that running is hard. But hard does not mean impossible. With commitment, passion, and grit, anyone can take their running to the next level.

Make your running journey take off by working with a coach; someone to answer your questions, push you beyond your limits, help fit training into a busy schedule, and celebrate with you when you experience breakthroughs, hit milestones, and set personal records. 

Becoming your ‘Strongest Self’ is not limited to just running fast miles or setting a PR. It means pushing through excuses, strengthening your mentality and having a growth mindset, unlocking new potentials you didn’t know were within you, and having these strengths overflow into other facets of your life. 

Passionate, reliable, and caring, I am eager to help you chase down your goals and push you to become your Strongest Self!

Athlete Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Many athletes train without a goal race in mind and jump into one if they find a race that interests them.

Yes. There are many running apps to use to record your training and automatically upload your data to Final Surge.

Strongest Self coaches runners of all levels. Whether you are looking to start running, come back after significant time off, or looking to PR your next race, this team is for you!

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