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5 Tips to Make You a Stronger Runner

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If you’re a runner, it’s likely you’re interested in setting goals for yourself and being a stronger runner than you were yesterday. Yes, progressing with this sport takes time – and it can be done! Below are five tips on how to be a better and stronger runner.

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What Does It Mean to Become a Stronger Runner?

Becoming a stronger runner looks differently from person to person. In fact, it doesn’t always mean running faster or working on speed. For you, becoming a better runner might look like:

  • Running further
  • Staying injury-free
  • Having confidence in yourself
  • Running more consistently
  • Nailing your pre, during, and post-run fueling
  • Running with fewer walking breaks
  • Pushing through mental barriers
  • Getting more sleep
  • Making time to strength train

The list goes on! Remember, there is no right or wrong way to progress as a runner.

5 Principles for Becoming a Stronger Runner:

Build Your Mental Toughness

First, running is just as much mental as it is physical. Don’t let your mind be what hinders your running! Take time during your training to practice, build, and sharpen your mental toughness skills.

Here are six strategies on how to build your mental strength.

A runner is running out in an open field. They are wearing a green raincoat, black leggings, a red hat, and a ret pack. The sky is very dark and it looks like it's about to rain. Building mental toughness is one way for how to be a better runner.

Focus on Rest and Recovery

In addition, your training is only as good as your recovery. If you’re lacking an effective and healthy post-run routine, it’s possible you might be jeopardizing your training, progress, and health.

Read about 5 ways to enhance your recovery.

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Train Properly

Next, it’s important to follow a training plan that is customized to you. You are unique and so is your training!

Here are 5 key factors of effective training plans.

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Fuel Your Running

Stronger fueling equals stronger running! Make sure you’re eating the appropriate amount of food and are timing your meals and snacks well to meet your training needs.

Rise and Run is full of delicious and easy to make recipes for runners!

Learn how to fuel your running here. Meghann Featherstunn, a sports dietitian, sub-3 hour marathoner, and founder of Featherstone Nutrition, explains why fueling is important and how to find what works best for you.

These are examples of carb sources for runners, including: bananas, sports gels, oatmeal, graham crackers, and English muffins. Fueling properly is one way for how to be a better runner.

Strength Train

Finally, if you’re looking to avoid injuries, make sure you’re supplementing your running with strength training. For instance, incorporating strength into your schedule just two or three times a week can make a huge difference with your running!

Read more about strength for runners here. Holly Richard, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, 3:07 marathoner, and founder of Stronger Movement, provides guidance on how to start strength training and insight as to why it will make you a stronger runner.

A woman in black leggings and a black sports bra is performing an upright row on a black workout mat. She is holding a dumbbell in each hand. This is one type of exercise to build strength for runners. Strength training is one way for how to be a better runner.

5 Principles of Becoming a Stronger Runner:

  1. Build your mental toughness
  2. Focus on rest and recovery
  3. Train properly
  4. Fuel your running
  5. Strength train

Looking to get coached for running? I would love to help you reach your running goals! Email me at [email protected] or check out my Run Coaching Services page to learn more.

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