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Leadville Thoughts and Goals


Countdown is on for the Leadville Trail Marathon! Just over 3 days until we toe the starting line and run (well, run, climb, and hike) for Robert! If you’re new to my blog and haven’t read about Robert and the significance behind this race, please read here.

Having completed the Leadville Trail Heavy Half Marathon (15.5 miles) in 2013 and 2014, and the Leadville Trail Marathon in 2015 and 2016, I have some experience on this course. However, because it is such a difficult and technical course (it’s the second most difficult marathon in the country), I never really know what to expect. You just go with what it is and embrace the beauty of Colorado.

  • HYDRATE! This seems like a no brainer…but last year I got very dehydrated because I didn’t want to drink too much water and have to pull off the course and find a rock. Silly, I know. I always complete this race wearing a Nathan Camelbak, so I’m making this a priority this year (as it always should be). But obviously when you’re in the mountains all day, your body needs water (along with other types of fuel). C’mon Elizabeth…
  • Be careful on my way down the mountains. This race takes runners up three mountains, which means there’s lots of hiking involved, but that also means there’s lots of running down rocky trails. The rocks are loose, covered in snow and mud, and it’s easy to twist an ankle and slip. I’ve seen runners wipe out while coming down the mountains, and luckily I’ve never fallen, but you can never be too careful.
  • Time goals: My PR for the full trail marathon is 7:36. Yes, 7 hours 36 minutes. It’s that difficult. My coach, Siobhan, thinks I can break 7 hours, so my time goals are:
    • Time Goal A: sub 7 hours
    • Time Goal B: sub 7 hours 15 min
    • Time Goal C: sub 7 hours 30 min
  • HAVE FUN! The weather is looking superb, and we have lots of family and friends from Colorado and out of state coming in for the weekend. It will be a fun weekend for sure, and full of Dale’s Pale Ale at the finish line 😉

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 4.32.45 PM.png

Crossing the finish line in 2015. My first marathon EVER!! So proud.


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