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A woman in black leggings and a black sports bra is performing an upright row on a black workout mat. She is holding a dumbbell in each hand. This is one type of exercise to build strength for runners.
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Strength for Runners – Why Strength Matters and How to Get Started

Strength for runners is crucial for becoming stronger and faster, and keeping injuries at bay. Doctor of Physical Therapy and 3:07 marathoner, Holly Richard, provides guidance on how to start strength training and insight as to why it will make you a stronger runner. Strength for Runners – Meet the Doctor of Physical Therapy Hello,…

These are examples of carb sources for runners, including: bananas, sports gels, oatmeal, graham crackers, and English muffins.
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Fueling for Running – How to Fuel and Why It’s Important

If you want to take your running to the next level and feel strong while doing so, make sure you’re fueling! Sports Dieititian and sub-3 hour marathoner, Meghann Featherstun, answers your frequently asked questions about fueling for running, why it’s important, and how to find what works best for you. Fueling for Running – Meet…

A woman is wearing a grey long sleeve shirt and black leggings. She is standing on a bridge looking out over a large body of water. We are looking at her back and she is holding her arms in the air.
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Training Plans For Runners – 5 Key Factors Of Effective Training Plans

There’s no doubt that one factor of becoming a stronger runner is following a proper training plan. No two runners are alike and therefore, no two training plans are identical. There are many factors that go into creating effective training plans for runners. Make sure the plan you’re following includes these five components so you…

A person with blonde hair is lying in a bed under the covers. The bed has white sheets, a white comforter, and white pillows. We can only see the person's hair. Sleeping is the most important factor in recovery for runners.
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Recovery for Runners – 5 Tips to Help You Rebuild After a Run

Whether you’re training for a long distance race, running casually, or just beginning your journey with this sport, recovery is crucial for all runners. Proper post-run recovery plays a big role in jumpstarting the muscle rebuilding process, preventing injuries, and also avoiding overtraining and burnout. So, if you’re lacking an effective and healthy post-run routine,…

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