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Post-Marathon Blues?


Today marks one month from the Baystate Marathon, and I’m feeling good. I feel recovered both mentally and physically. And even though it has been a month, when I do think about Baystate, I get that “runner’s high” feeling. It was such a fun race, and setting a PR really pumped me up for spring races. If you haven’t read about my PR race, feel free to click here.

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I was asked a few days after the marathon if I ever get “post-marathon blues”. For so many months, you’re training day in and day out, eating well, pushing it to the max during hard workouts, taking the time to stretch, roll, and rest on easy days, all while keeping the mindset that yes, you CAN run this marathon and run it well!

So after the marathon, what happens? I understand feeling like there might be a little void, especially after the first week of recovery. You’re not really sore anymore and might be itching to run again, but revving right back up is not the smartest decision – hello injuries.

My coach reminded me a few months ago that even when you do feel recovered, like you can walk and sit without any soreness, it doesn’t mean your body is 100% recovered. One week post-marathon isn’t enough to get back to speed work and tempo runs, and neither is two! That’s why it’s one month post-Baystate and I’ve only done a few faster runs.

After a marathon, I give myself an entire week off of running. But after that, I like to focus on shorter races to avoid any post-marathon blues. You’ve just completed an entire marathon training cycle and are in great shape, so why not run shorter races and potentially PR? 🙂 I jogged an easy Costume 5k (it’s called the Costume Dash, but I definitely wasn’t dashing!) one week after Baystate.

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The following week, I participated in the Spartan Sprint. There were so many obstacles, my body was sore for days!

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I also paced a friend in a half-marathon.

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Since the half, I’ve done a bunch of runs, most of them being at an easy pace. My easy/recovery pace is at least 10 minutes per mile. Sometimes it’s over 11! I keep my heart rate low, breathing steady, and cadence fast.

Something you may want to think about are new goals. Maybe you hit your goal or set a PR, so what’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in your next marathon or race? Set some bigger goals – they should feel exciting and maybe even scary!

I also use the time after a marathon to go to more gym classes. I’ve been going to spinning regularly, and on Monday I went to my first Abs & Buns class – it was tough! I like climbing on the treadmill (10-12% incline, 3.2-3.5 mph, 40-60 minutes), working on strength training, and stretching.

So what’s next for me? Well, I have a half-marathon on December 3 and that will be my last race of 2017. I’m pretty much settled on spring marathons, and training will begin the week of Christmas. SO PUMPED!

In the meantime, I’m excited for the half and to see how my 2017 racing will end!

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