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Marathon Monday


I was so excited for the Boston Marathon on Monday, and I wasn’t even running it! The weather forecast called for blue sky and temperatures in the 60’s, which is great for spectators but a little warm for runners.

Because it was Marathon Monday/Patriots’ Day, neither Kyle nor I had work. So I started my morning with a long run.

IMG_2703 (1).JPG

Before a 10+ mile run, I always make sure to have carbs and either almond butter or peanut butter.


Decked out in my Boston gear

This was my last double digit run for my Providence Marathon training. I set out at 7am for 14 miles, and was dripping with sweat about 3 miles in. I had no idea how the marathoners were going to do it in the heat! I felt great on my run though. I planned my route out so I would see all the marathon participants getting on their buses by the Boston Common. It was so motivating to see all of them before the race, and there was so much spirit!



After my run, Kyle and I watched the marathon on TV. We could hear the cheering out our window as the leaders ran by mile 23, and around 12pm we made our way down to cheer for a couple hours.


Cheering at mile marker 23

A couple coworkers of mine were running so I wanted to support them. I also wanted to see two women who I look up to as runners. I’ve never met them before, but I follow them on Instagram and am so motivated by them. I managed to see both, though one had headphones on so she didn’t hear me cheering. The second one heard my cheering and waved and smiled at me! I was so happy I got to see them 🙂 They both wrote to me on Instagram on Monday night thanking me for my support.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.16.22 PM.png

Runners approaching mile 23

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.17.45 PM.png

Heading out for the last 3.2 miles – almost there!

Overall, it was such an exciting day – and I was just cheering! Watching the marathon motivated me even more to train hard to reach my goal of qualifying for Boston.

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