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Exciting News!


I am so excited to finally share some news that we’ve been keeping to ourselves – in mid June we are MOVING!!!!

It’s been a busy winter and start of spring for both Kyle and me. Kyle has just finished his last semester of law school at Boston College and will graduate later this month. In late winter, he accepted a position at a law firm in New Hampshire and we are relocating to the Granite State. We could not be more excited!

Living in New Hampshire is something we have been dreaming about for a few years. We went to NH a lot last summer to visit towns and get to know the area a little better, knowing that moving this summer was a possibility. It is such a beautiful state and we’re not moving far away from our family and friends, which is very important to us.

Another thing I am excited to share is that I will be working for my run coaching business, Strongest Self, full time! This is another thing I have been dreaming about for a few years. Run coaching has become such a huge passion of mine. I’ve been working hard this spring to expand our team and make future plans for our incredible athletes.

Kyle and I found a beautiful place to live in New Hampshire. We look at pictures of our soon-to-be home all the time and will be there in just under a month. It’s a little bit surreal that all of this is happening but then again, I think back to how hard he and I have both worked for these opportunities and know that everything is paying off.

We love Boston and always will. It’s been a wonderful eight years here; I’ve grown a lot since I first moved here and feel like I am a much healthier, stronger, and overall happier person. I made a lot of wonderful friendships and I’m sure we’ll be down to visit a lot.

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  1. Congratulations to you and your husband on your accomplishments! I am excited that you now get to follow your passion full time. I look forward to following via what you share online.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you so much for your message and kind words! We are both very excited for what lies ahead. And thank you for following along – I really appreciate your support!

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