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Goals for 2020 – How Did They Turn Out?!


So, I’m kind of chuckling as I start writing this post because the 2020 we envisioned back in December 2019 doesn’t look a thing like it does now. With that being said, I am INCREDIBLY proud of my 2020. Not only did I still manage to check many things off my 2020 goals list and build habits, I am a much healthier person than I was when I entered this year – and that is a huge thing to be proud of.

Here are all of my 2020 goals I wrote last December:


  • Read 20 books – I got so close! I am currently on book 15 and am proud of all the reading I’ve done this year.
  • Eat 5 servings of fruit & veggies combined each day – Yes, I do this – woohoo!
  • Continue updating my wardrobe – Lol. I laugh at this one because the last thing I needed starting in March was new clothes.


  • Clean 2x a month – Well, sorta kinda. I clean some things weekly but other things like mopping and dusting is more like once a month…
  • Fill wedding picture frames and photo albums – No, snd I decided I won’t fill them until we move.
  • Complete and file important papers immediately so desk stays clean – Yes, my desk is no longer covered in piles of stuff!


  • Find and use an app to help track daily purchases – No, and I never would’ve remembered that this was a goal. I don’t spend much money so am not worried about needing to track daily purchases.
  • Pay off credit card debt – YESSS!!!!!


  • Blog 1x a week – I love that I do this now! Blogging makes me so happy and I really enjoy it.
  • Research one running topic every week to deepen my knowledge of the sport – This is an awesome goal but one topic a week is way too aggressive for me at the moment.
  • Enhance my website – I think it looks better than it did in January, but I still want to work more on it.
  • Increase the options I offer – When I wrote this, I had a strength coach and registered dietitian in mind. 2021?!


  • Strength train 3x a week – Yes! Thank you, Madeline Moves 🙂
  • Injury prevention exercises 3-5x a week – Also, yes.
  • Improve recovery – Another yes! Foam rolling and stretching is actual something I do now. Who would’ve thought?!
  • Run more races – Hard no (I ran one back in February).

Wow! I’m actually really proud at how many goals I was able to accomplish and that so many of them have turned into habits. If you haven’t gone back to review your 2020 goals, I encourage you to do it. You might surprise yourself!

And here are other things I accomplished and am even more proud of…


  • Recover from my eating disorder!
  • Begin therapy
  • Take a 4.5 month break from running and come back in late summer to build a strong base and feel AMAZING!
  • Juggle and successfully manage the busiest schedule I’ve ever had
  • Create and develop recipes

My wheels have already begun to turn when thinking about 2021… I have a feeling it’ll be another exciting year!

What’s something you accomplished this year? Have you taken time to reflect back on your 2020 goals?

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