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This blog post was requested and I thought it was such a fun idea! Basically, people submit assumptions about you, and you state whether they’re true or not.

And spoiler alert: you all were very accurate in your assumptions! I guess that means I show my true colors on Instagram (something I do strive to do). I chose 10 assumptions to go through, so let’s get to it!

Assumption: You’re tall.

Truth: Yes! I think I’m 5’7.75″ so basically 5’8″! I think that’s tall for a female?

Assumption: You like to encourage others.

Truth: Very accurate! As a teacher and run coach, I feel like I’m paid to help others reach their potential and become their best selves all while having fun. So basically, I feel like a professional cheerleader minus the pom poms. Haha.

Assumption: You don’t drink much.

Truth: True. I drink, but not a ton. I drink when I’m with my family or husband’s family, when it’s a holiday, a birthday, when I’m on vacation…but usually on a typical Friday and Saturday night I’m fine without it.

Assumption: You don’t have bad days with running (slower pace than planned, multiple stops, etc).

Truth: False. I do have bad days with running. If you are a closer follower on IG, you’ll know that I was very burnt out late February – early April (which is why I then decided to take a 4.5 month break!). ALL my runs felt hard, even my easy runs. Couldn’t hit paces in workouts, had to do run/walks on long runs, and felt really terrible. So yes, I definitely have not so good days!

Assumption: You’re super into true crime.

Truth: Haha, yes!!! Very into it. I feel like that’s what I watch at least 50% of the time. Snapped, documentaries (just finished Trial 4 on Netflix), all those shows on the Oxygen channel, Ted Bundy, Unsolved Mysteries… I could go on.

Assumption: You are a persevering person!

Truth: I am 🙂 I’m very goal-oriented and have big goals for myself. I know that anything can be accomplished with patience, dedication, and hard work!

Assumption: You know what race you’re base building for.

Truth: I wish! I don’t though. If I could only run one race in 2021 it’d be the Leadville Trail Marathon (mid-June), so hopefully I’ll be training for that come 2021. For now, I’m really enjoying base building and increasing mileage all while feeling good doing it!

Assumption: You keep a very organized paper-and-pen planner 🙂

Truth: Oh wow, I laughed out loud when I read this one because it is SO TRUE!! And I’ll add – it’s color coded 😉 I’m definitely a pen and paper gal with my planner and my to-do lists. (You should see what I have…it’s an entire notebook full of to-do lists that I’ve written out for myself and have completed).

Assumption: You didn’t like running when you were in grade school.

Truth: Hmm…I liked it but didn’t really focus on sports like cross country and track until I was in high school. Growing up (until freshman year of high school), I played soccer and was “sweeper”. So, my position was right in front of our goalie and I would chase down any girls who got breakaways or got by the rest of our team to get the ball away before she had a shot on our goal. I was always one of the fastest on the team and loved sprinting, so I did like running. And then I got into cross country and track in high school, so focused on it a little more.

Assumption: You’re an optimist!

Truth: Yes! I do have negative days and mindsets, but overall, yes, I’m optimistic. I’m very grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life, and all that I’ve accomplished, so I remind myself to keep that in mind when I’m feeling negative.

Ok, that was fun!! I will definitely do another blog post like this again sometime. List any other assumptions you may have about me in comments below and I’ll let you know if it’s true or false.

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